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5 Hours


This is our most popular all day ride.
It takes us through impressive Beech and Totara forest to a Lake hidden in the forest, where we stop for lunch. We carry on through the native bush track and rejoin the  ski field road. We often ride up to an impressive vantage point at about 3,000 feet where we can see the Pacific Ocean to the East. We can carry on up the skifield road to the Lake Stella and Terako ski fields. We then return down the skifield road, and take The Stumps or Helicopter Flat Trails back to base. Lunch and hot drinks are provided on this ride, so let us know your preferences!

This photo is taken in Winter with the mist and a touch of snow creating a mysterious ambience. Take a look at the other photos to see the transformation in Summer.

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Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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