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Meet the Horses

My name is Kelly.

Hello everyone. I am a Welsh Mountain Pony/Clydesdale cross, very strong, and tough. I was born in 2000. I am cheeky, and have bad attitude, but very reliable, and very happy at Mt Lyford. Just look at me here sniffing through Kate's lunch. The guides are always playing the game with me of "Getting me to want to do the thing I am being asked to do with good grace" I don't know about too much of that. My nickname is Princess Grace Kelly, and I have a reputation to keep up. I don't want too many people knowing I am all for show, and really the best pony at Mt Lyford. Don't tell Gemini I said that though!!

Who is coming to ride me next?


Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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Last Updated: Monday, 12 August 2013