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My name is Rusty.


Hi everyone I am now one of the old guard of the horse treks. I have been over to Hanmer and back dozens of times and many humans have ridden me and fallen in love with me. I have been taught to manage my rope when it gets round my legs and to keep up a decent walking pace. I am really a dressage horse Kate keeps saying to me. I think that makes me the best ride of the team! How about you be the judge of that.


Well I have been up here for two Winters now, and I have taken many riders out over the hills. I am so sure footed of course having been bought up in the mountains, and strong phew!!

I went on the new three day trail to Hanmer Springs recently and so I am now an official trail blazer and what a trail. I saw tall waterfalls, far views of mountains and river plains, native forest, rivers, and lovely open tussock country. You humans really have to take a look at this one. Let me be your horse!

Here is what I wrote in 2006:

I was born in 2002 in the St James Station. That is right I am a St James horse like Cosmo. Look how big and strong I am. I am leased to Kate and Cathy by Sandy from Hawarden. I have started training with Cathy, and I am really looking forward to going out with the other horses. They tell me it is a lot of fun taking people all over this amazing landscape. The views they say are amazing. Will you be the first rider I can take out trekking?




Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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