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2 ½ Hours  

stumps The ridge on the northern side of the village is known as the Stumps. It is an ideal route for the horse treks and forms part of our many routes. It continues on from the Village Ride, and follows a farm track across to this northern ridge from the top of the Village. There is an ideal look out point at the top of the ridge with spectacular views to Kaikoura, Lowry Peaks, the Waiau River Basin, Weka Pass, Mt Lyford, Mt Terako, and Mt Pete. We then meander down this open grassy ridge, taking in views of the Village before following the Simpson's driveway through Beech Forest, over Lulu's Stream, and picking up the Mt Lyford Road.

More photos from the Stumps.

Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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Last Updated: Monday, 12 August 2013