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"I am strong, handsome, very intelligent, and sure footed."




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December 2013 Hi Everyone I had a mishap in my paddock and tore ligaments in my knee, so I am having this Summer off to recover. I must say it has cramped my style badly. I am limping along. Kate is hoping I will make a full recovery. Me too for that matter. I can't let the others in the team surpass me for fitness and looks!!

My name is Albie. I was born in 1995. Kate bought me from Andrea in Leeston. I am an Appaloosa like Patch and Birdie. Although I don't have the spotted coat like Patch behind me in the top photo. I have all the hallmarks of this fabulous breed. I am strong, handsome, very intelligent, and sure footed. I work hard, and I take all the experienced riders out, because I am so good at impressing people with my people and horse skills, and I have lovely paces. I just love being the best at everything. In the top photo I am taking in Walter who is pointing an interesting piece of technology at me. I must say I am not familiar with that model of digital. In the bottom photo I am saying hello to you. Come and ride me soon.


Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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