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Lagoon Creek< Mason River | Mt. Lyford Village >
1 ½  -  2 Hours 

By the waterfall


Lagoon Creek is one of our most popular rides. It has several unusual, and beautiful features, and is a relatively flat and easy ride. We ride down a steep, but short track, cross over the main road, and wander into and up the Mason River for 1/2 hour. We then follow a creek eastward called Lagoon Creek. This creek meanders up a small gorge, which forms its own microclimate. In this unique environment we see kowhai groves, mountain daisy, native fuchsia, broad leaf, and often paradise ducks, and their chicks. We come to a delightful waterfall and pond called Lagoon Creek falls. Here we can stop for a brew or pause to take photos before we move on up a farm track which takes us out and over the northern ridge, back down and into the Mason River for the return ride home. This ride can be lengthened up to 2-3 hours by continuing on down the Mason. We return by the same steep track, which takes us back to the base.

Nice spot for lunch

Taking it all in with a satisfying cup of tea

On the way to Lagoon Ck along the Mason

The edge of the Mason River




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