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1 or 2 Hours

We are really fortunate to have the Mason River running right by our back door. Here you can see the trekking base in the centre of the picture with Mt Lyford Lodge to the right. We take a short steep track into the Mason River and we can ride for many peaceful hours along it. It has its source off Mt Terako, and while it can flood it is mostly a perfect wading river deep enough to swim in during Summer and shallow enough for safe fording. Along the river shingle flats we see many wetland birds, oyster catches, paradise ducks, swallows, Canadian geese, and hawks. The steep sides of the Mason River valley have waterfalls cascading off them and we ride down to the famous huge limestone cliffs called the "batteries", which tower above us.

Fording Mason River. This picture is taken on the river you can see in the top picture. In the distance is Mt Lyford Lodge & Mt Lyford dominating the skyline.

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