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Birdie is a horse we have known

Good bye to Birdie

Birdie sadly was put down in July as he was loosing condition and never recovered from his fitting. He is now with the horses in the heavens. A horse that great could be nowhere else.


Here is his story:


I am Birdie, and I am looking over to Sherwood Lodge. Wow great view from up here. I am on Mt Cookson on the Mason Hills in these photos. I used to be a lead horse at Mt Lyford Horse Treks. I liked leading. It made me feel special, and I did it really well. My full name is Native Warbird. I was born in 1992 at Takamatua, Banks Peninsula on 31st October. My father is Native Chick. My mother is Bella, and her father, Wyalta Warbird, was one of the first appaloosas in New Zealand, so I am straight from the original Painted Ponies, or Appaloosas the American Indians rode across the Prairies. I am therefore very surefooted, intelligent, and agile. Although I am not spotty like Patch, I am registered as an Appaloosa. Kate has done lots with me. I have been to shows, events, cavalcades, treks, stock mustering, and trail rides. Most of the ribbons in the container are mine. I have been coming up to Mt Lyford for all my life, and it is one of my favorite places. Patch is my younger brother, and I do try to take care of him. He is such a wimp. I like to get away on my own at times, to clear my head, and get my thoughts straight.

I have developed some problems lately. I can't desensitise from worry under pressure like I used to be able to do so well. It could be toxicity or it could be something organic Kate reckons, so for now I am having a big lot of time out to cruise and just feed on all this mountain grass.

Oh yes I was a wedding horse. This is Kate the bride, and Ana her groom. This was one of our most proud moments of all!!

Build a Bond Beyond Belief
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